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This super hydrating, lightweight cream moisturizer is all you really need to keep your skin looking young and feeling supple, fresh and re-energized for 24 hours. Its scientifically advanced cosmeceutical formula works with a unique action to reduce enzymes that destroy collagen and elastin and as a result, it firms and protects skin. And it speeds immediate hydration and moisture to skin while helping the skin’s natural repair system.-
No More Shine Oil-Free Moisture Gel
  • For Oily Skin. A lightweight, transparent gel moisturizer that delivers hydration only where and when you need it.
  • Helps to normalize excess sebum without disturbing the skin’s balance. Blots away shine and brings oily skin to perfect equilibrium
  • For Dry Skin. A super concentrated facial moisturizer to provide hydration and moisture to dry skin.
  • FACES Moisture Vive Nourishing Crème contains a combination of essential ingredients and vitamins that provide healing and calming benefits to the skin.
This soft and luxurious, vitamin-enriched hand cream moisturizes skin without making hands feel greasy. (100 ml)
  • For Combination Skin. Daily Dose Moisture Lotion is a dewy oil-free fresh lotion that energizes and rehydrates dull, lifeless skin. 
  • With Green Tea and Hyluronate it spreads effortlessly to leave your skin feeling deeply moisturized and looking much younger without a heavy oily feel. Perfect for combination skin. For any age.
This cleanser is formulated with hyluronate to hydrate and soothe skin, and Vitamins C and E, as well as green tea extract, to provide antioxidant benefits and repair free radical damage. It leaves skin looking brighter, softer, and free of makeup and impurities. (200 ml).
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