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For eyes that have been kissed by the sun, this 8 stack warms you with shades of gold, buttercup, copper and bronze, for a true island glow.
If you want a bit of neutral and a touch of drama, this stackable will do the trick. With 8 beautiful shades of whites, turquoise, fushia and pinks, you’ve definitely struck gold at the end of this rainbow.
From soft pink, to lilac to bold violet, these 5 shades are highlights of a moonbeam.
For those who like to express their inner creativity, this collection is filled with 5 vibrant and intense shades.
Our most popular combination. These are an array of 8 soft pastel shades that appeal and look great on everyone.
A collection of metallics in warm earth tones. Ranging from moss to clay to gold and copper, this 5 stack is a true gem.
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